Waste water treatments

The primary environmental issues associated with surface treatments are related to water quality. We constantly pay close attention to the discharge of liquid effluents, working to attain an ultimate objective of "zero discharge" by proposing specifically dedicated solutions.

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  • Physico-chemical waste water treatment plant

    Installation for detoxifying and neutralizing liquid effluents from surface treatment installations (H, OH, chrome, pre-decantation cyanide, flocculation prior to transfer to...

  • Demineralization facilities

    Installation for demineralizing a town water supply for use in rinsing baths and for levelling treatment baths by passage over ion exchange resins.

  • Recycling of rinsing water by passage over ion resins

    Installation for decontaminating rinsing water polluted by chrome, acid or cyanide, by continuous passage over ion exchange resins and, if required, over activated carbon in order...

  • Measurement and regulation equipments

    Electronic, digital-display electronic measuring apparatus for the automatic control, regulation and dosing of effluents from water treatment and PH-RH recycling plants and for...